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WXRN Series Evaporative Condenser

WXRN Series Evaporative Condenser is a kind of high-efficient heat exchange equipment which comes into being on the basis of absorbing the most advanced foreign heat-exchange technology.


The device is based on water and air as the cooling medium, the refrigerant medium or other high-heat fluid are in the tube, high-heat medium goes through from the upper intake pipe to all heat exchange spirals. When it is cooled by air or water, it will flow out through lower discharge pipe. Circulating water pump leads recycled water from the bottom of the equipment to the top of the heat exchange coil stack, and then goes through shower to evenly spray the water on the surface of the heat exchange coil by nozzle. After that, the water will go through from all heat exchange coil to collecting basin for recycling use. Inlets are set up at the bottom of the equipment, leading the fresh wind go through the bottom of the coils to the entire group of heat exchange spirals from axial flow fan. This kind of structure is the heat-exchange countercurrent form of wind and water. At the top of the water pipes, there assembles high-efficient water eliminator for reducing the splash rate of the water.


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