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The Chinese Academy of Sciences academician Zheng Ping inspects WXR

On the 6th march in the afternoon, Academician of CAS, professor of University of Communications, Zheng Ping took an investigation to Zhejiang Wanxiang Science and Technology Co., LTD. ---- WXR for short, with a group of six researchers. President of Science Association Li Jiliang, principal of development area of Changxing County Sun Minlong, President Manager of WXR Peng Zhaochun, etc, accompanied the investigation.

Academician Zheng Ping visited the test center and the workshops of WXR, and took a serious research to the new product of industrial energy saving patent, the new type evaporative condenser. After the investigation, the group of Academician Zheng Ping came into a focus group, accompanied by the principal staff of the WXR.


During the focus group, the president manager Peng Zhaochun introduced the growth history, business performance and the development plan of the enterprise. Through this investigation, Academician Zheng Ping has deepened the understanding of WXR. He thought that there’s a common in the products of WXR and his research field, including heat transfer of porous medium, renewable energy applications and so on. He also indicated that the grassroots of cooperation is viable. After the investigation, Academician Zheng Ping spoke highly of the production, management, sales and prospects of the enterprise.


The both parties agreed that the cooperative space is wide, especially in the fields of technical innovation, extend of industry chain and mutual benefit. Communication and cooperation are hoped to be strengthened, so that the win-win result could be realized.

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