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The latest developed exhaust-steam evaporative condenser of WXR is widely used in the reformation of air cooling island and waste heat recovery of petroleum industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, electric industry, mining industry, pharmaceuticals industry, beer and beverage industry, food processing industry and so on.

WXR developed peak period cooling equipment for solving Air cooling inland’s drawback, such as poor heat transfer effect, descaling incapacity, easy-polluted, complicated water spray system, serious wasting water and easy causing leakage once fin rusting or other problems, which fills up a technical blank in the industrial condensing.


Waste heat recovery system is our newest research project, also it is an innovation technology showing how turning waste into treasure. It suitable for following fields: Thermal power plant; Chemical industry; Metallurgical industry; Building material industry; Printing and dyeing, glass, paper making, pharmaceutical, foodstuff and other light industries; Garbage incinerator; Petrochemical industry; Sulfuric acid industry.