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In 2006, WXR set up its factory in Changxing, covering an area of 35,350 square meters.

In 2010, WXR has solved several key technical problems and has developed the first plate type evaporative condenser in domestic, which lately came into volume production.

In 2011, WXR and USA-based Isotherm, Inc have established a long-term cooperation. WXR has imported the most advanced SX film evaporator in the world, and has developed marine heat exchanger. Besides, WXR has established an exclusive workshop for plate type evaporative condenser, which was also the first production line in China. The capacity of it was 5000 tons per year. In addition, WXR and the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology have established a long-term cooperation, to build up the first testing center for evaporative condenser and cooling tower in inland.

In 2012, the self-developed frequency conversion control cabinet came into the market successfully, which filled the blank of the industry.

In 2013, the new office block has been built and put into use. The enterprise, from then on, came into modern office work.

In 2014, WXR has established a working station with Mr. Ping Zheng, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, becoming an industrialization base of Research Institutes.